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The Founding began when blessed the world with some of the races of beings.

  • The Chained Oblivion was locked away during the Founding, but managed to escape during the Calamity thanks to an archmage named Vespin Chloras, whose hunger for power and knowledge broke open the barriers that held the Betrayers back from Exandria.

  • I listened to the whole thing.

Tharizdun, the Chained Oblivion

Few attempts at depicting the image of the Chained Oblivion exist, and the existing texts speak of a creature of rolling, hungry ink and darkness; of a spreading cloud of lightless destruction born from a thousand ravenous mouths.

  • Her notebooks are some of the most detailed records we have of her time! Until then, one more time here we go.

  • They will either have to work to release him or find a way out or another patron or god to protect him and power them.